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Being Human 4×05

February 11, 2014

Pack It Up Pack It In, let me begin. Tonight’s episode of Being Human, was probably the least climatic of the season so far. Now, that being said, this season has been pretty epic, so I am not even going to be mad.

Josh and Nora are making friends with the new Were parents introduced in last week’s episode Panic Womb, and they end up getting more than they bargained for when a pack of Weres show up for a meet and greet at their house.
I mean, you had to know, what with the animosity between Vampires and Weres, that Aidan was going to walk in and crash the party, purposefully or not, at some point or another.
However, I was not anticipating white-girl-wasted Aidan. I was pleasantly surprised (also Kenny was there, meh).
Hilarity insues.

Sally is apparently part Time Lord this season, as she has continued to bounce back and forth between the past and present day, but on this occasion seeing a lot more than just Lil’ Smokie’s timeline.
Now here is where I got really annoyed with Sally. So, she sees 1920s Aidan.
Knowing full-well what type of person Aidan used to be, knowing how much he has struggled, even in the present day, to keep his shit together, and Sally sees him and goes, ‘Well this can’t end well’ or something, and then just follows him to watch on these shameful, private moments of his past.
I mean, what he did was terrible, and he suffers from that, but she accepted Aidan knowing all of this about him. Who is she now to stick her nose in where it doesn’t belong.
Oh, that’s right, she’s just being typical Sally.

It’s getting a little frustrating and hard to defend her need to control every situation when it never ends well.

Meanwhile, Josh and Nora are busy entertaining an unwelcome house full of new-faces and alpha Were personas, not to mention his fresh out of rehab younger sister who needs a place to crash on the night of this everything-but-a-kegger baby shower.
With a steady flow of vodka and champagne circulating, Emily struggles to maintain her sobriety and for some reason she doesn’t just go to the movies or leave the house for a bit while this party that had been planned for two weeks took place.
I guess that wouldn’t make sense to the plot, eh?
Anyways, in an attempt to, butt-in…ahem, I mean help, Sally casts a spell that, surprise, backfires.
Now we’ve got Emily trippin’ balls and seeing Kenny’s trueself, but she was unable to ever see Sally to get the support she needed. It did the trick though, I guess. She got her ass out of that house because it is just too much freakshow for a recovering addict. She needed something. Like to not be a part of the storyline at all.

Emily, Kat, hell, even Aidan’s wife….these broads, they just can’t handle it.
Nora knows what’s up.

During the party the Weres pick a fight with Kenny and drunky pants Aidan wasn’t having that. I think he was justified to react, but it was over the top and still an unpleasant situation that caused many of the Weres to question Josh and Nora as potential pack members and ending that party right quick.

All in all this episode was mostly filler, nothing huge was answered and everyone was kind of mad the whole time, so that was awesome.
I can say, however, what was definitely not lacking was emo Aidan.
I will always love our boy, but sometimes he can be a real bummer.
He did man up by the end though and come to realize that he needed to have those couple weeks to bum out and freak out and just react, because that is what normal humans do when they break up, that is part of what this whole being human thing is all about. And I think that fact in itself is what pulls Aidan out of his slump and makes him strong enough to reject the temptation of hypnotizing Kat into taking him back and the desire to have Kenny erase her from his memory fades.
And then let’s not forget, this face happened.

After everyone had cooled off, and by the end of the episode, Josh and Nora, despite their initial negative reaction to the idea of joining a pack, find themselves meeting with the group to make nice and give the whole thing a shot.
I can see this going very poorly for Aidan and Kenny…

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