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Everybody hates Carl.

February 10, 2014

…And then there were spoilers.

After what seemed like months on tops of months of waiting, The Walking Dead returned last night, not skipping a beat, from where we last left off.

And if you thought you had had enough time to recover from Herschel’s epically horrific death in the over two month break, within minutes of the opening scenes we were haunted by Herschel’s squirmy zombie head, reminding us that the show runner does not care even the slightest bit about our feelings and wants us all crying in the corner by the end of the episode.

For starters, I would say the best thing about this episode was that it was almost scene for scene just like the comic book, for the first time really since the show started.
I am okay that things strayed from the comics in many aspects, I do however wish that they had made Carl and Andrea more likeable in the show like their original characters, but other than that I love the decisions the various show runners have made over the years, not that they give a rat’s ass. They’ll kill off Daryl or Rick at the end of the series and not even bat an eye.
It was also super cool knowing almost the exact words that were going to spit from Carl’s mouth next. But mostly, it was nice to not have an anxiety attack when everyone else was worried that Rick had died and turned as well.
We cannot have that.

Now, rather than ramble on about what I thought of last night’s episode when really I can sum it up with a simple, ‘totally awesome,’ I want to focus on what I feel is a more pressing topic.
I want to know why we all have to hate Carl so damn much.
I get it, he is a total freaking brat.
He never sticks close by, he thinks he knows it all, he’s a punk to his dad who probably knows a little more about life than his Carl might, and let’s not forget that comment about Shane. Rude.
But you know what? He’s like, thirteen. I bet you were a little shit when you were a teenager too.
You’re going to tell me you never defied your parents, ran off when you weren’t supposed to, smarted off, made dumb comments you didn’t fully understand the impact of?

The type of people who weren’t like that are rarely going to be seen watching this show.

That’s my biggest argument; he does not fully understand the consequences of his actions, just as most of us did not until we were well into our teens and sometimes even into our twenties.
He thinks he is invincible, and he doesn’t know what went on between Shane, his father and Lori, he didn’t know exactly how much that Shane comment would hit home. He just knows that his dad had to kill Shane, and then Carl had to kill him again.

Yes. He did that thing where he straight up just shot that kid. That wasn’t cool.
I really don’t have much of a justification for that other than the fact that we just have no idea what it would be like to be raised in an apocalyptic world with little to no structure or morals. Rapists and murders roaming the streets and good people doing terrible things to survive.
Carl looks at it like, seemingly every time Rick gives someone a chance, someone else dies.
As Carl pointed out in the season three finale, Welcome to the Tombs, Rick gave the prisoners a chance and Andrew ended up causing a chain reaction that lead to the death of Carl’s mother.
He didn’t kill The Governor when he had the chance, multiple times, and now in result Merle, Andrea and now Hershy are dead. And Milton too, I liked Milton. Oh, and let’s not forget that Judith is maybe dead now too
And just a whole bunch of other people because of The Governor. He was just the worst. Carl even mentions the walker he didn’t have the gut to kill, who in result ended up biting Dale.
He thinks he knows how the world works because of these things, so yeah, he’s a little bit of a son of a bitch, but like, duh, his mother was Lori, that was bound to happen.

Don’t get me wrong, guys, I have done my fair share of hating on Carl over the years, but I had to remind myself that it’s easy to hate everyone when they aren’t Rick, Daryl and, in my opinion, Carol. But what we are seeing is so true to form to how many young boys act, teens in general. I know people in their thirties that still act this bratty, so it’s hard to stay mad at the boy.

You lot can think what you want, all I know is, had one of those walkers last night gotten Carl, I would finally have to start questioning the direction of the show…I’d still keep watching, but I’d be pretty pissed.
You already took my Hershy away from me, please just leave the boy, Rick, Daryl, Carol and Michonne.

Preferably Glenn too.

Next week we’ll pick back up with the whereabouts of the remaining members of Team Prison Palz, and get some much needed Daryl action. I’m going through withdrawals here.
I look forward to finding out what’s to come of the rest of the crew, especially those who are tv-only characters, they’re a complete mystery to me. Something is either totally off or totally awesome about that Lizzie girl, I guess we’ll see.
Yet to be discovered is the potentially gruesome fate of baby Judith, as well as who put the rats on the fence and mutilated that bunny.
Will Daryl find Carol again? Swoon, one can only hope!

It may take a while, but I do believe at least these questions will be answered, and hey, maybe we’ll find out if it really was Carol behind the murder of Tyreese’s boo or if she was simply covering for someone else.
I’d like to think that is the case, but it may just be a Team Carol fantasy world I am living in.

But most importantly, before the end of the season, we’ll get some much needed bromance.

  1. Random Ken permalink

    Along the lines of what you suggest, I think Carl simply demonstrates the naive arrogance of all boys coming to the end of their youth, struggling with the concept of proving themselves men – defining themsleves as children no longer, to their elders and just as importantly to themselves. Unfortunately he has just had to experience it in far more trying circumstances to most.

    • I agree 100%, and it’s just unfortunate he catches so much flack for acting just as most teenage boys would, especially under such circumstances. Honestly, I think he’s doing pretty alright all things considered. Their world is becoming a very scary place, Carl is turning into the type of guy you’d want around in this new world, like his father.

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