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Total Eclipse of the Heart

February 6, 2014

So, I’m not even really sure what’s going on with The Vampire Diaries anymore, but they always make it work.
Damon is still looking good, Klaroline happened. I mean, things could be worse.

But man, we did not leave my girl Elaina in a good spot last week.

Katherine has, much to my dismay, completely taken over Elaina’s body now and honestly, I am not even entirely clear as to where her consciousness is now, which is kind of obniouxious. Like, is she straight up just trapped inside Katherine’s body? I thought Katherine died, she was very clearly dying when she took over Elaina’s body, logic says that when the switch happened Katherine’s body would have died and Elaina would go with her, but since she is the lead character, the writer’s had to cast logic aside apparently. Maybe Elaina’s consciousness has to stay alive in order for Katherine to maintain possession of her body…? Whatever, it’s all a bit of a stretch and I probably missed something.
Ideally Elaina’s soul would be on the otherside and either Jeremy or Bonnie would be able to see her and put things right with there new witch friend (do I smell a new series regular?!).
Or you know, Damon could just stop being such a jerk and take a minute to realize that Elaina’s not home right now. That’s the dream, and in said dream it does not take like, five episodes to figure it out because as of right now I completely hate this storyline.
As it is, it’s looking like Stephen is going to be the one to figure things out. Or Caroline because they are the closest to the situation.
After Matt, obviously. Poor, poor Matty.

So Katherine is taking us back like, I don’t even know how many seasons, with this petty high school crush she has on Stephen.

I mean, okay, I know she has been in love with him for over a century, but the way she is acting I felt like I was watching a bad sticom. All the what does Stephen think, what would Stephen say, the desperation, it’s so unbecoming of a Pierce.
Really, as I go on reviewing this episode I realize; nothing happened. Like, just nothing at all, until the tail end of course, when Damon and his old pal get kidnapped, again (usually they at least wait a season to start repeating storylines, no?) Reused plot or not, it worked, but just as the episode finally started to pick up it was, ‘later kids, see ya next week while we see how long we can stretch this crap with Katherine.’

I will say, one of the highlights of this more or less filler episode would be Tyler coming through there like he always, eventually, does.
Just as I was about to write him off in this episode for his overly eccentric breakup behavior, Tyler starts to chip away at the details of Nadia’s sob story when he notices her compelling Matt. Man, poor Matty!
Out with the loud and obnoxious and back to the determind, ain’t gonna let nobody keep me down, Tyler that I have grown to love so.
Matt came through tonight as well, being the first one to really figure out what was going on with Elaina.
Man, Matt is just great, isn’t he?

But now that puts him in a difficult position, which really, when isn’t he having problems, I mean, how does he keep his job, he’s always getting beat up or used as nice-guy bait. He’s usually the only one working bar too, that place probably doesn’t even open when he doesn’t show.

Among my more favorable moments of the evening was Katherine’s big moment to prove herself as the caring Elaina when she finds out her ‘brother’ is being used as adorable-bait by Damon and friend. Her false concern, keeping up those appearances, while still giving us the overly dramatic eyeroll, that’s my girl.
I may hate her taking over Elaina’s body but, she can still be fun.
We could find someone much more suitable for Katherine to take over, say, the new witch girl or something. I have no loyalties to her, and she’s all disheveled.
Plus Katherine as a witch, fun!
I’d say find a way to bring Rebekah back from Na’leans and have her take over that broad, because homegirl is rough but I love the actress, but Katherine is too terrible to be an Original.
Or, oh, wouldn’t it be fun if she were a dapper college boy! I’m not saying she’d have to give up her heels or anything, she’ll figure it out.

And that ending, that was fun. Not the part about the capture, that was lame, I’m over that, just let Damon be free, and a little less unjustifiably ragey.
What I enjoyed from the ending was vamp on vamp blood lust, it’s a little more of an unclaimed territoy, I feel you can do a lot with that storyline that we haven’t already seen in the thousand other vampire/werewolf stories out there. Don’t get me wrong, I know it’s out there, hell, The Vampire Diaries has covered this as well with Klaus’ father, Michael. But it’s definitely still outside the norm.
I’m bummed for Damon that he has to go through this, but maybe he’ll leave some the humans alone if he gets out of there….like Matty. And Jeremy, leave that poor boy alone too.
It’s so hard to keep up with who is human and who is not.
And I miss Alaric.

We need some real adults in this show. Babies runnin’ babies. It’s a sad world when fake Elaina is the real adult.

On the list of not-so-favorable moments, Caroline destroying the picture Klaus drew for her would be at the absolute top, because although I may not love Katherine in Elaina’s body, we all know Elaina will be back, but that picture, le tear.
I have like, Buffy and Angel hopes for Klaroline, and that right there should have told me that the relationship was doomed. The two series’ are not over though, and they still both belong to the same network, a problem Buffy and Angel ran into in later seasons, so there is still hope.
And they did finally bang it out at least, and that, I believe, we can all be thankful for. I’m just sorry the show wasn’t on HBO for that scene, am I right?
Damon was another downer tonight. I love the rage, I love the anger, don’t get me wrong. But I love the Damon and Elaina more, so when he has rage, I prefer that it be justified and with Elaina by his side (right now I’d just take Elaina being anywhere though).
This whole Damon off the deep end doesn’t help for when Elaina returns and just comes to find out that Damon didn’t even realize what was happened to her.
More importantly he decided to take out his anger by killing her friend, using and playing a hand in almost murdering her brother and hell, who knows what else he’ll do now that he’s all hopped up on Vamp’er juice.
Lovin’ Damon’s take on Dexter’s kill outfit though.
Seriously, rawr.

And now we have to wait three weeks to see what crazy antics Damon and Enzo are in store for.
Ugh, it wasn’t even that great of an episode to take a break on, stupid Olympics, all these different winter breaks are killing me.
At least The Walking Dead will be returning this weekned, woo!

It breaks my heart and gives me anxiety every time I pick up the new comic or sit down to a new episode, but I don’t care; it’s genius.

Until The Walking Dead or something else that might strike my fancy, I’m out of here.

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