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Ned Stark warned me.

February 6, 2014

Yep. Winter is here alright.

Ah, it’s that glorious time of year when the mere thought of leaving the house has become almost unthinkable.
Being a California girl living in downtown Columbus, Ohio, I have never been very fond of winter, but over the years I have learned to bare the cold nights, at least from time to time, so as to not completely alienate myself from the outside world. I could even be caught in my dresses and little outfits, a sign my spirits were still up.
However this winter is no joke, there is no way I am leaving the house this week unless I have to.
Hell, I am not entirely sure my car would even allow me to do much right now anyways, between the piles of snow it keeps accumulating and the battery that keeps dying when the temperature drops, I find that if I don’t have to be at work, I might as well stay in and enjoy the Netflix.

The good news is that before this second wave of horribleness that is the winter of 2014 hit, I did make it over to Best Buy to finally buy myself a better functioning iPad keyboard, it’s amazing how much faster typing is on one of these things!
And with that, my blogging retirement is officially over. Hopefully. In theory.
I, at the very least, have no more excuses.
Well, no excuses other than the obvious fact that not really much happens in the day-to-day of a server who refuses to go outside until the snow melts.
The other good news is, hey, I indirectly cut back on smoking!

Other than that I look forward to some future small talk about the current season of Being Human.
I feel confident in saying that this show just keeps getting better and better every season, not an easy thing to accomplish, especially come season four. That was a fail even for the UK version of this show if you ask me (and probably a lot of other people because the show is no longer on air).
The Vampire Diaries is finally picking up, there will be more of that to talk about, along with The Originals, a new series favorite of mine.
The Walking Dead will be back this week and I am excited to say that they will be bringing in three new characters that I grew to love from the comics.
Game of Thrones will be starting up soon enough as well. I just cannot wait, I am brushing up on my reading as we speak.
I don’t even remember reading some of these chapters, but when I found the notes from my wine tasting class being used as a bookmark, it made perfect sense as to why I couldn’t quite recall certain parts.

So, I guess at the very least, if I am not going to venture to the outside world, I will remain productive with my writing (I mean, even if it’s about nothing it’s still something, eh?) and my reading.
…And my obsession with my DVR and Netflix, but hey, that isn’t anything new.

Speaking of which, I just started watching Bates Motel for the first time, and I looked away to write this and all of the sudden there is a body chained up in what looks like a basement somewhere and clearl, I have missed something.
For now, until The Vampire Diaries, at least, I bid you adue.

Is anyone else kind of totally hating this whole Katharine in Elaina’s body thing too, or is it just me?
Damon off the rails, weird, never seen that before.
Whatever. We’ll tune in tomorrow and see how this unravels, because I can’t imagine it will be much longer before Damon and/or Stephen figure this broad out.

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