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The Time of The Doctor’s Big Disappointment…

December 30, 2013

…you see what I did there?

So I have not posted anything about The Time of The Doctor yet because of how horribly disappointed I was.
I still am not sure I’m entirely ready to get into all of this because once I start I’m afraid I won’t be able to stop.
We’ll see how it goes…

Let me begin by saying that when I express my disappointment in this episode, it is merely because I know it could have been so much more.
For me, pretty much any episode of Doctor Who is gold compared to most of the crap on TV, but it doesn’t mean I have to love every decision the show runners make.
Like, remember this?


So. For one thing, snoooooring.
I am always nervous, excited and practically bouncing off the walls when a new, stressful episode of one of my stories airs and I was prepared for this one to be a doosey.
I had all distractions put away except for my cellphone, readily awaiting to text my Doctor Who bestie while we watched, and everyone in my family knew not to bother me, except for my brother because, well, he’s thirteen.
So. Totally. Ready.

…to be horribly let down by Moffat.

First off, all the mawkish, inside jokes.
I get that it happens with this sort of fandom, and that’s okay, but you have to know when to give it a rest.
Honestly, like, did you have to take the wig off, dude?


The whole episode left much to be desired.
Remember The Stolen Earth and Journey’s End?
It was like a Whogasm of awesomeness marking the return of a number of fan favorites, and even Martha. That’s what these kind of specials used to be all about.
These episodes at the end of series four weren’t Christmas or 50-year anniversary specials. They were just excellent, well constructed stories with a number of treats for the fans.
Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there were loads of fans who have been watching since the classic years back in the 60s and 70s who hated all of this, hated the catering to our emotions.
But like, if you’re not emotionally invested in this show, you’re doing it wrong.

The plot in these episodes didn’t just cater to the fans emotional fix, it also had a coherent plot that grabbed at you, kept your attention.
I couldn’t look away, it just kept getting better and better.
Except for, you know, that one part we won’t discuss…


Now, I didn’t expect Rose, or even Bad Wolf for that matter, to show up in this special.
I didn’t expect Martha or Donna to pop up from around the corner either (although Jack would have been a nice sight).
I feel like when Matt Smith took the reigns, Moffat made him this stand alone Doctor with little to no connection to any of his past.
There is no talk of Rose almost ever, he didn’t even care about her in the 50th, Ten did. So because of this I didn’t have high hopes for any of my OG new Who players to appear.
What I wanted was Eleven’s people.

Where was River, Stormageddon and Craig, even that blue guy, whatever!
And Amy without Rory?
Don’t get me wrong, it was great to see Karen Gillan, but she does not make Eleven.
River Song does.
Now, I also didn’t really expect to see any of these players either, because Moffat just doesn’t roll like that, but that is my issue.
It would just be nice if Moffat wasn’t so keen on doing seventeen over-arcing, and sometimes three series long, storylines all at once instead of incorporating anything else that might interest the fans.
I get it, this is his dream, but he is ruining it for the rest of us!

As for the plot itself, I am not even going to bother getting into that.
It made little sense and, as I stated previously, was really rather boring, all the while being rushed and doing way too much at once.
At no point was I on the edge of my seat or wondering,

How is The Doctor going to get out of this one?!

If it had not been a regeneration episode and a Christmas special this episode would have been nothing.
No one would be even thinking about it anymore. And it surely wouldn’t be getting as much praise as it has.

The entire episode was lacking in any sort of agenda other than stroking Moffat’s ego and the worst part is, this is Matt’s last episode.
Yeah, maybe he’ll pop up somewhere like Tennant did in the 50th, but he will never be THEE Doctor again.
And that was his send off. No do-overs, no take backs. It’s done.
And the horribleness of this episode, for me and many of those I have spoken with, has foreshadowed what would have normally been a tearful goodbye to a beloved Doctor I have grown to adore.
The regeneration itself was weak. Blink and you miss it.
What happened to the dramatic throwback of the head and all the regen juices flying all over the place. You really had to take even that, M?

Ey, look at me, what did I tell you, I can hardly contain myself from going on, but I’m not going to sit here and point out everything I thought was wrong with the episode, and hell, even parts of the 50th, because we’d be here all day.
I just hope that Moffat soon passes the reigns, or TARDIS key, if you will, to a new show runner.
Doctor Who is all about starting fresh when it comes to our most loved actors, we deserve the same when it comes to our writers and show runners.

That being said, don’t think I am unaware that Moffat is an extremely talented man.
I have been a fan of his for quite sometime, since the days of Coupling, when he dropped hints of his love of Doctor Who and John Hurt, completely unsuspecting of the future he had in store for himself.
Hell, he even made John Hurt into The War Doctor. How cool is that?
And I mean, hello, Blink is the episode I tell anyone who has never seen the show to start off with.
I always say,

if you don’t love this episode, there is simply no hope.

But I think he does much better when the entirety of the show isn’t resting on his shoulders.

But hey, that’s just my opinion. Which I am entitled to and do not wish to argue with someone who is all butt hurt that people don’t all agree with everything Moffat does.
So if you love this episode, that’s cool, more power to you for being able to stomach it, but for me I was left with an emptiness that only Capaldi can fix now.

I look forward to seeing my gorgeous Glasgow man show all the non-believers what he is made of.



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