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Happy Regeneration Eve

December 25, 2013

Counting down the hours until the Doctor Who Christmas Special, and I for one, am about as excited for this as I am for actual Christmas itself.
During the long wait for the Doctor Who 50th anniversary, I prepared myself by rewatching the entire series in various orders.
First I rewatched the end season one, because Nine is my favorite.
Then I rewatched it again.
I rewatched a bit of Rose and Tennant, but then I skipped ahead quite a bit, because I am still pretty salty about Tennant’s last few scenes…who decided his last line should have been, ‘I don’t want to go?’
It was funny in the 50th Anniversary, but pathetic before his regeneration.
Of all the episodes, Tennant’s last was the only one I could never bring myself to rewatch
Did he have to be such a jerk and yell at his companion?
Why couldn’t he at least wave back at Mickey and Martha?
He couldn’t even salute Wilfred back either?
I loved Tennant’s run, and that was just not the way to send off such an amazing Doctor.
So, anyways, I skip ahead, all the way to season seven, and since it’s on my iPad, I watched it over and over and over…then I needed a bit of a break.

So, I drew the curtains back, let my skin get used to the light again, and set aside all fandoms but True Blood and Dexter, what the summer now being over and there being new episodes and all.
I can’t even look at Game of Thrones right now.
I always promise myself I will spend a lot of time poolside during my summers, and I always end up working.
This summer was no different, I literally had nothing cool to report.
I worked, I drank daiquiris, I rediscovered my love of video games, and I took this time away from Who to catch up and get into some other shows that don’t completely absorb my soul, Broadchurch, Orange is the New Black, Skins, actually, Skins does kind of make me want to curl in a bawl after watching it.
And I am seriously going to miss that show, no matter how rough that last gen was.

But then, despite my post-Tennant depression, something wonderful happened, and The End of Time came on BBC, just before the announcement of the Twelfth, and who should it be? Sid’s dad from Skins!
And then, I was back! Back to watching all of the episodes in whatever order I freaking felt like and just waiting for November.
rewatching Tennant’s goodbye, now knowing what to expect, mixed with my excitement for the new Doctor and lack of some serious Who time for like, a whole month or something outrageous like that, my love was kick-started once more.
As it turns out, all we needed was a little space and now we’re stronger than ever.
And since then I have been watching from The End of Time on through and getting really hot and heavy with my girl, River.
I’m getting excited just talking about it.

The 50th special, I can’t even get into.
Although not quite what I was hoping for, it was still amazing, and that moment when they showed Capaldi’s crazy/sexy/angry owl eyes, my excitement could hardly be contained.
(Seriously, I’m surprised I still have friends, this was all I talked about for weeks).

I will admit, though, when Capaldi was first chosen, a little part of me was disappointed.
Not because Capaldi isn’t a total freaking genius, but because I went into this whole thing with David Morrissey as my pick, which I knew would probably not happen due to The Walking Dead, so my pick was Bill Nighy for someone who might be in the running, and you know, not already a lead character in a hit television series.
(And now David Morrissey isn’t even that anymore…and that’s just something I can’t deal with yet).

Capaldi hadn’t really entered my mind for the role, but it was a pleasant surprised.
It will be interesting to hear what it sounds like when he’s not shouting a streak of some of the most brilliant cursing I have ever heard.

This is my Who life. I have a whole other life out there, but who wants to talk about themselves allM day? Lots of people. Maybe even me a little, but only a little. The rest of the time, this works for me.

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