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Oh Christmas TV, Oh Christmas TV…

December 22, 2013

So. I haven’t posted too many public posts or a review in quite awhile.
But I am here to let you know that that will be changing soon enough, as I will be getting a new keyboard and will be able to type away to my hearts little content with more than just my pointer fingers or thumbs.

What with the holiday, we are on a major break from pretty much all new television, the only hope I have to relieve my boredom, you know, other than being social and like, going out and talking to people, is the Doctor Who Christmas Special coming up here this next week.
But, come January we will have lots to discuss…
Will Lip go to MIT?
Will Sherlock be just as amazing as ever?! (Yes, absolutely yes).
Will I be the only one to miss The Gov’na?
Will Ted finally meet this freaking broad already?
Will Damon and Elaina get back together?!! (that’s right, I watch The Vampire Diaries too now).
Is Josh going to be a freaking Werewolf forever?
Will Yang stop being such a total B?
Will Cece take Schmidt back, because they are the reason I watch.
Will Mindy kiss Danny already, he is such a babe.
Why didn’t Precious just shoot herself in like, the hand or something, use her voodoo so that guy could stop shooting and then, just this once, everybody lives.
When will Broadchurch be back, and will Arthur Darvill return for the second season, sexy as ever?!
And most importantly, what will Adam’s body look like in this season of Girls?!

Ah, there is so much to come, I can barely hold my excitement!

But, for now, all that I want to know is, will my girl coming back this Christmas or what?!

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