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Twenty-six going on golden girl…

December 21, 2013

So. I’m twenty-six-years old, and apparently my life is over.
This isn’t some dramatic, overreaction on my part, it is on yours.
Or rather the general population, The Man, society, whatever.

As I sit, a relatively happy, independent, girl with the perfect balance between a hard-working employee and dedicated partier during my after hours, I am told that, basically, I have pretty much almost completely fucked my chance at a decent future.

Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself here.
Let me start by saying that I am, apparently, from a long line of creative lords and ladies or some shit, and am destined to do great things…if everyone would get off my back about it.
But. Because I didn’t finish school just yet, because I enjoyed my youth and chose the path of just being happy and having a good time for awhile, I somehow woke up past my prime and without a hope in the world.

When did this happen? When did our mid-twenties turn into something where I am meant to feel like a failure because I am still working to get myself together. Because I am childless and in a committed relationship that doesn’t involve a legal documents or fancy ceremony.
I know I am not where I want to be, but I am working on that, and was under the impression that was okay.
But incidentally if you’re not doing exactly what everyone else wants you to do, well, then you’re doing it wrong.

So my mother, god love her, wants nothing more than for me to finish college.
I honestly believe that I could finish school and get a ‘career’ that pays 10k less a year than my current serving job and my mother would be ecstatic.
My father, the screenwriter, wants me to be a writer just like him. And I get it, I love to write, I am a writer, just not sure about screenwriting.
So why the long and lengthy speal about how I need to do the thing that I am already doing.
Why make me dread doing something that I love, why make it a chore.
Why the reminder that I am years behind from where I need to be
I got it. My Facebook feed is a constant reminder that I am apparently far behind in more ways than one when it comes to life.

It’s just so funny, because I thought happiness was the most important thing in life, but I guess nothing in life beats getting a solid head start on your parents’ dream career.

So here I am, writing, so I never have to listen to another two hour lecture in the middle of my stories.

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