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But seriously, I’m going to bed after this, I swear!

April 16, 2013

Someone is always going to be having a worse day than you.
Try and remember that.

Well. What a long week this is turning out to be already.
I haven’t even watched the third episode of Game of Thrones yet. Complete blasphemy.
I have, however, gone to Dayton and back, watched my friend get a pretty sweet tattoo, got my left nostril repierced, worked a whole bunch, further embedded a splinter into my heel in the process, made my rent, my phone bill and more (sweet) as well in the process, cleaned my entire house (with the exception of dishes…okay, I don’t do dishes), worked some more, and successfully completed the first season of Doctor Who and am finally, officially hooked.

I miss Christopher Eccleston already though (love you). I don’t know what it is about that man, but he does something to me.
Ever since the first time I saw him help Peter Petrelli learn how to be invisible and other stuff in Heroes he has just been the cherry on my sundae.

Anyways, I really need to manage my priorities which means not picking up shifts for a buncha jerks who’ll never get me back, taking me to a grand total of nine shifts this week.
Also, blog more, but not when I am supposed to be sleeping, such as now.
So sleep, yep. That’s what I’ll do.

Or whatever

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