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A whole buncha nothin’

April 12, 2013

Got off work at about 2:30 yesterday, I’ve been fortunate enough to have shorter shifts this week, just…more of them, so I guess it all evens out doesn’t it.
Anyways, yay, 2:30…pm, not am, and I didn’t have to be at any of my other jobs, that almost never happens.
So I’m all set to just lounge around, I got my Netflix going, I’m caught between rewatching season two of The L-Word for the thirty-seventh time, finishing the UK Being Human, because I am seriously behind, or starting Mad Men, because if you can believe it, my ass has never seen that show, I only recently decided to finally get into it because I guess Jessica Pare is in it now. And I enjoy her quite a bit, especially in the mouth area (call me).
So. I turn on The L-Word in the meantime and start getting ready for a relaxing Wednesday afternoon of doing abosolutely nothing.

Cut to me writing off and on from pretty much 3pm-3am, followed by another two hours of editing.
Ahhh! And I didn’t even start Mad Men!
However, the boyfriend is out of town this weekend to set up a Kenny Chesney stage or something, so I will have plenty of me time to start in on the series.
I will also be getting a tattoo on my foot tomorrow, maybe, probably.

My friend’s ex is a tattoo artist who will be going out of town after this week for six months. So she is heading to his shop to get her Tank Girl tattoo finished and I figured I would tag along and keep her company.
Problem is, now I want to get a tattoo too!

Here’s the thing, I am not one of those impulse tattoo guys (or ladies, whatever).
Every tattoo, however meaningless it may seem to you, maybe even some silly, it means something huge to me. Each and every single one, including the joke one on my butt, even THAT one has a whole backstory.
So, here is my problem. I know exactly what I want for tattoos but two are supposed to be a sort of buddies tattoos with my long-time friends, one is a specific design by a different artist that I only intend for him to do, so that’s out, and the last is freaking HUUUGE.

I’m a big nerd for quotes, 9 out of my 10 tattoos all have words in them or are exclusively quotes, but for this big one I wanted to actually to do something with those words. Maybe make some beautiful artwork out of them this time, but I am the worst freehand artist ever (I can rock a still life though, let me tell you) and find it impossible to explain what I want to someone who doesn’t know anything about syfy, nerdy, supernatural stuff, in specific Game of Thrones and The Southern Vampire Mysteries (also known to the tv world as True Blood).
So, I refuse to get this tattoo until I find an artist who has read the books, not merely watched the show, and can help me put the ideas that are in my head to pencil and paper, and eventually to my skin. Get it on there!

The one I was planning on getting on my foot is a quote from The Perks of Being a Wallflower, but my two issues are, well, my friend and I are supposed to get them together and also, now the book is a movie and it’s all hipstery and Emma Watson has the tattoo, but then that also kinda just makes me want to get it more…
I have a couple other ideas…okay, ENDLESS ideas, but I am getting so sick of having to cover up at work, it’s about to be 90 degrees and I’m going to be serving patio beers in pants and three quarter sleeves as it is so I really just don’t know where to put any of them, I call this my Jon Snow complex.
I just don’t have enough body parts! Or something.

So. I might not end up get anything new at all because, I don’t know if you guys know this, but incidentally that stuff is permanent.
I might just get a touch up or maybe a little add on.

Either way it’s a night off work, in a different city, with my best friend and hey, that sounds pretty fun. Even if I have to spend two hours of that time just jealously watching her get tattooed.

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