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Being Human. Asked and answered.

April 11, 2013

So, I don’t know hardly anyone who watches Being Human, US or UK, in my everyday life, but incidentally a lot of you guys do.
As I was looking at my stats, I saw that a huge chunk of my hits came from people searching for answers about the finale and future of the show and, although I did answer some of them in my ‘review,’ it was very lengthy and I, by no means, was writing it with the thought that anyone other than myself would pay it much mind.
So, maybe you made it all the way through, maybe you didn’t, but for those of you who just wanted to figure out some stuff, hopefully I can be of some help.

Let’s start off with the most important thing, The US Being Human will absolutely be returning for a forth season.
Was there ever really any doubt?
As for the UK, version it concluded its final season earlier this year, making it a total of five in the series.

Now, a lot of you are wondering what the hell just happened with all those characters, specifically Sally and Aidan’s wife, Suzanna, played by Katharine Isabelle.
A lot of stuff was going on that wasn’t necessarily obvious or expected.
I think they wanted to leave things up for discussion and debate, leave us with a little mystery.
Fine by me, let’s discuss.

Sally peaced out. I have absolutely no idea what that horrible witch lady’s name is so we will just be referring to her as simply that. Wait Rose? No, I don’t know.
So the witch lady came back at the very end and mentions something we’d never really discussed before, what is this about destroying a ghost’s ‘death spot?’
We knew the witch was coming for Sally, we saw the fire, she saw the fire, she tried to play like she didn’t know, but she had brand spanking new powers that don’t come from being a ghost, who then became a poltergeist, who then went to purgatory, who then was a zombie, and is now a ghost again.
Why would you suddenly be able to overpower a full-blooded Were or create fire out of nothing.
So Sally and this witch are clearly connected and this witch is ready to put Sally in her place and does so by effectively making Sally’s death spot no more.
Where ever they went is where the discussion begins. Was that Hell? Why would the witch want to go down there too? How are Aidan and Josh going to know where she is?
Well. They won’t. I don’t think Aidan an Josh are going to be able to help her right now, besides, they’re both probably going to be pretty preoccupied next season.
Her only hope for them being help is if they are able to see that her death spot, that crack in the tile at the end of the stairs, is gone. Which. I mean, it’s pretty obvious but, like I said, they are probably going to be busy for at least a couple episodes.
But my guess is that yes, they’re going to Hell, and maybe that witch doesn’t mind going too because she’ll be
on her own turf. She practices necromancy and clearly is doing some sketchy stuff, so yeah, I could see her being right at home.

Aidan’s wife is alive, yes. Well, sorta, kinda. I mean, she is there, walking and being absolutely gorgeous. Now the question is, what happened after past Aidan tried to come to her rescue? With her or their son? Was he able to find enough of a spark in her to turn her? She had only recently allegedly drowned, who is to say she really died right then, I sure don’t feel confident with that assumption, especially since I just saw her getting out of a cab in present day Aidan’s life. We are left to wonder whether Aidan knows what she is and that she is still, kind of, ‘alive.’ Gods. She might not even be a vampire; with the stuff we’ve seen I wouldn’t be surprised to find out she is something else totally nuts and crazy.

And Josh, that one was so unexpected!
For those of you just joining us at home, Josh has (had) a new Were maker who, this time, is full-blooded (born a Were through Were parents). It is known that with his previous maker, who was not full-blooded, but rather ‘made,’ just like Josh (as in he was not born that way, he was scratched by another Were to become one) could lift the curse, but only by providing his death at the hands of Josh. But who is to say what happens now that Josh’s full-blooded maker has died and at Aidan’s hand instead of Josh’s. Would it have even made a difference had Josh killed his maker himself, or would he still have awoken from the full moon in his wolf form?
And why can’t his wolf just look like the ones from his meditations? You guys don’t want to be compared too much to True Blood?

So here we are, left with a couple really awesome things to suspect while we await the return of series.
There is just no way to say for certain on where Sally is, if Aidan knows about his wife, or why Josh is still in his wolf form.
Maybe Sally will reason with the witch or escape, I certainly do not think the witch will be out of her comfort zone where ever it is that they are going leaving Sally at the disadvantage, but I have faith.
Maybe that isn’t Aidan’s wife at all and it’s…a dead on look alike…? Nope. That’s her. And something cool is going on there. I wanna know.
And maybe Josh is just like, so far into the mindset of the wolf that he just needs to chill out for a bit and he’ll turn back to himself. Maybe now that he has connected with his wolf he will learn to control it and be able to turn on other occasions, outside of the full moon. Hopefully it’s not like the UK version though (UK season four spoiler) when the ‘Josh’ equivalent of the series was able to cause a partial turn but then caused heart, lung, liver, and probably some other stuff, failure.

I can say with certainty, however, that this was my absolute favorite episode of either series as of yet (I still need to finish the UK version) and season four can’t come quick enough.
More questions? Maybe I have answers. Hopefully.

  1. Peter Jason Payne permalink

    Would love to read this post, but I haven’t watched the finale yet. Will check back on it later. Nice to meet someone else who watches the show too.

    • Love the show, both versions are brilliant. The finale is just killer! Easily my favorite of either series. Definitely get back to me and let me you think. I only know of two friends that watch the show and both have yet to finish the season either, I need to geek out!

  2. Finally watched it. Loved the wedding (and I usually don’t like weddings on TV). Liked the twist ending too (and I usually don’t like twist endings). Hmmm… maybe I should start watching the UK version to hold me over until next January.

    I like how they idealize everything on the show (everyone is so cute *lol* and everything is so picturesque). It’s like a “feel good” horror show. LOL. It’s not really horror cause everything always works out in the end. The gore did start to get kind of funky. I wonder if they’re trying to copy American Horror Story in that regard. This season was definitely the goriest, but I’m not complaining. And I am rambling…

    (this is peter. karsten is a pen name)

    • Oh hello again!
      You are so spot on about the show. I never even thought of it that way but yeah, they completely idealize every situation. It’s like, oh, no one died yesterday, today will be a glorious day!

      I looooved that whole during the day Were business thought, that’s something I haven’t seen before in any other show (Well, I should say with his kind of Were…True Blood and Twilight Weres apparently do whatever they want). But to be a Were all the time…this is going to be interesting! And will probably all be wrapped up in a neat little bow as usually, but cool nevertheless.

      The UK version is great, but I dropped off around season four I believe. I’m fine with changing characters, I watch Doctor Who, I can dig on the British shows changing their actors about, but the story changed with it and it just wasn’t really grabbing my attention the same as the first three seasons. I will say, the UK version is a lot less happily ever after, not super gruesome, but, they have no problems killing off everyone you’ve ever loved haha.

      It is nice from time to time to have a light-hearted sci-fi show for a change though. I watch shows like Hemlock Grove, Game of Thrones and The Walking Dead and feel so drained afterwards.
      With this I’m like, ‘good cliff-hanger, can’t wait to see how they get outta that one, which they inevitably will, and maybe like, a minor character or one of Aidan’s many soul mates will die in the process or something.’
      Speaking of Aidan’s soul mate, really excited to see that unravel.
      2014 is so far away!

      • haha. just logged in for the first time in months and read your 140 day old post. *lol* sorry i didnt read it sooner. i love how last season of being human ended and cant wait till the premiere episode this january. sally really perked up the show last year. i prefer her better happy and alive than as a mopey ghost with no makeup. i must say though that the walking dead doesn’t leave me drained. i ususally feel excited and invigorated after watching an episode. i dont watch the UK being human, but like you said, ive noticed that they tend to kill off everyone.

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