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Jack’s a dull boy.

April 10, 2013

All work and low play today, notice I say low, because I will always find time to play.
Long day, but still made it home by eleven with some sixty cent wings from B Dubs and the boyfriend to channel surf and watch YouTube videos with for a bit before it’s to bed and back to work tomorrow!

Also. Seriously B Dubs, your wings are sixty cents now?
That hurts my feelings.

Anyways, the wings were totally delicious, but still rude, and even though the day was kinda hectic, the end was pretty decent.
Except for that part where it was past three o’clock in the morning and my ass was still awake.
Let me work on that.

Everyone else (and by that I mean the manz and the dog) is asleep. So uh, Netflix, The L-Word, delicious bowl pack, I believe we have a very intimate close to the evening to get to.

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