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A brilliant close to season 3 of US’s Being Human.

April 9, 2013

Wow. If you watch the US version of Being Human on SyFy and have not seen the finale yet, do yourself a favor and get on it.
Easily the most well-written and complex of the series so far.
And the best part is, it wasn’t rushed at all, which has been a complaint of mine as of this past season.


There was so much storyline that needed to be finished up and still so much more to introduce and get through and I feel like they rushed it. Everything was summed up with a little bow and it’s like, wait, this virus was almost all that was talked about for half the season. Then Aidan gets gets it, and all in one episode he is sick, totally dying and saying his goodbyes, and then is dead, oh wait, no he’s not! What?! Commercial break. Back from commercial break, ‘Whoa, that was weird, I thought you were dying and then you just bled a bunch, like that one time you drank Josh who is a Werewolf and do you think that maybe it’s because that you drank that Were blood that you somehow became immune to this virus that all the other vampires got, because I bet that’s it.’ Boom. Everything’s okay, cue Aidan’s cool walk and way not-cool enough sunglasses for how gorgeous he is, and he’s all ‘Hey vampires, stay away from Nora and Josh, Were blood is up for grabs.’ End credits.
Like. What? That seems kind of rude. Also, That’s it? All that. ALLLL that. And you summed it up inbetween two commercial breaks. And then quickly introduced what is obviously going to be part of some new story with the vamps and the Were blood.

Then Sally. ‘Oh I’m hungry, I’m hungry. Wait, I’m a zombie, I’m hungry for flesh! I must eat hamsters to stay alive. I can do this, no I can’t do this, I must’t do this. I need to find a way to live somehow. Maybe I can just defeat this powerful witch who has the power of necromancy and eats souls to stay alive. Oh, cool, I did it!’ Summed up in about five minutes. Yay, Sally is alive, roll credits. Boom. Another half season plot line is wrapped up neatly with a ribbon
…Or maybe not at all!
We get a little peak at the end that all is not right with the world of Sally and we anticipate the finale to see what is in store for her and this powerful…I don’t even know, she is more than a witch, I have never seen anyone like this in my supernatural days.

So. We have a couple loose ends that I figured would take all episode to drag out and skirt around, would suddenly be neatly tied up, and then there would be one big cliffhanger at the end for each character, much like the finales before.
But for tonight’s episode it was like the writer’s said, ‘oh you think we’ve been rushing things along, a bit too easy on the characters? That’s cool, bro. Got you.’ Boom, boom, and boom; they shocked me with genius.
Everything was wrapped up in a timely manner without hurry, and then we got a look into what everyone’s lives might look like from here on out; (spoilers ahead) Aidan with his new girlfriend who doesn’t want to run from him anymore because he is no longer a creepy guy who keeps dead Sally’s in the ‘spare’ room.
Sally accepting that she is a ghost and that although it isn’t as great as what she had when she was alive again, she wasn’t hurting anyone and that was worth the sacrifice. Plus, she has the boys and Nora!
And Nora and Josh are married, Josh has not only accepted his inner wolf, but he also seems to have embraced it, and Nora was always kinda freaky with the wolf, so she’s cool too. Josh and Nora, wolves forever, and now he can see Sally, yay! (Even though, did anyone else notice that when Josh hadn’t turned yet, which means he couldn’t yet see Sally, he responded to her presence when she was talking to him in last night’s finale).
So it’s all there, now where is that pesky cliffhanger. I sat with my knees up to my chest not blinking for five minutes just waiting, and none of what I saw was what I expected.

Of course that witch lady was going to come for Sally, this we knew. But what’s this you say about a death spot? Hadn’t thought of that before…
Josh and Nora changed out in the woods, were Aidan had just let loose his very thirsty and confused son like, what, the day before? I expected to see him chowin’ on some Josh when Nora couldn’t find him.
But instead what’s this, Josh is still a Were, presumably because his full-blooded Were maker died, and not by his hand. So now this is…forever?
And then we have Aidan who doesn’t yet know what he has coming for him, he is still in his happy place, which I am glad for, because last season he definitely had it pretty bad.

We spent a lot more time in Aidan’s past this season, which was a treat, this evening especially. Oh how I love the flashbacks! They did them before but not like this, these ones were how Aidan really became the way he is. And why he has this weakness for children, in particular boys, and certain, dark-haired, dark-eyed women (hey boy, I’m all over here, with my dark hair and my dark eyes…if you need a new love interest next season, or like, someone to bite, I don’t know…call me).
True Blood did some great flash backs last season with Pam and Eric and I just love the backstory of how they were made and how they got where they are. We knew Aidan had a family, but we didn’t know how he got to this point where he is now; alone.
That was very interesting to see, but clearly we now know he hasn’t be alone all this time.

Every single cast member has an epic storyline to return to in season four and I just can’t wait to see where each of them are going to go next. And more of Aidan’s past wife! Yes! One of my first lady crushes, Katharine Isabelle (Suzanna), will be sticking around it looks like, and we’ll be finding out what happened after Aidan left his little boy to try and save her, because she is clearly alive.
And now we’re all just dying to know, does Aidan have the slightest effing idea?

So, yep. Wow. Just a great episode tonight, very happy with where it went. I love that this show strayed from the UK version, not because I don’t love that one, I do, but because it’s like watching a totally different show, even the names are different and later even the characters are. It’s like The Walking Dead comics vs the television show, it’s all good, just different.
Some of these new story lines, such as Josh staying a Were, Aidan having a family after being newly made into a vampire during The American Revolution is just so different from any other supernatural show I’ve watched over the years. This was just a perfectly executed finale, I did not see those endings coming and I am usually all over that, so I will say, well done!

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