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A late night with Being Human.

April 7, 2013

So I have been waiting for the forth season of the UK’s Being Human to get to Netflix for what seems like years. Maybe it was only months, maybe it actually was a year, who knows, it felt like for goddamn ever.
I had actually forgotten everything that had happened for almost all of season three to be honest.
I have been having a Being Human marathon over the past week with watching the US one over again first and then rewatching every bit of the UK one as well.
Now I am finally seeing the episodes I’ve been waiting for and I have to say, you know, I am sure I am going to love the new path the series is going in but I am not pleased with how they started up this new chapter.
(If you haven’t gathered by now, there are probably going to be spoilers ahead for those of you who are way behind like me)


Season three ends, Mitchell decides his story is over, fine, whatever.
If I got offered to be in The Hobbit trilogy I’d probably dip too, I ain’t mad at ya, bro.
I have become accustomed to characters leaving in the middle of a tv series for seemingly no reason whatsoever at this point, especially in British television, so again, whatever.
I was sad to see actor Aidan Turner leave the show but even though initially there was a little shock, we had gotten a warning, a chance to accept and then say goodbye.
But when the show came back for the forth season it was just like, boom, oh and btw Nina is dead.
Wait. What? Where’d she go? No flashback to even explain what happened? You couldn’t get that actor and/or show runners on board for one more episode to at least give Nina a proper send off?

But wait, there’s more.
We make it through almost the entire episode and only a bunch of bad guys get killed, yay!
Oh and now George is dying. Like. He was doing some really cool stuff, tricking his wolf into thinking it was time for the change, but now he is dying and by the time you figure out that’s what’s going on he’s dead.
Goodbye George, Mitchell and Nina. Thanks for leaving us with this baby, Eve, is that what he called it? Neat.

There were a bunch of other story lines going on with some other ghost and Were.
And some girl who I thought was future baby Eve, who I still think might be, is doing some weird stuff or time travel or something I don’t really know.
And there are a couple of sexy new vamp bad guys who look the same. Or maybe it really was just one vamp but he was just in two different places.
I was getting a little restless at that point so I kind of stopped paying attention and now I’m watching The L-Word because I wish it was my life, and I don’t have to think so hard, it’s too late for all that.
Plus, it’s hot.

I’ll figure it out tomorrow, but watching almost all of what I have ever known of this show over the past few years go away in the course of one hour was a bit much for one evening, so I think a little break is due.
And by little break I mean I’ll see you again after tomorrow’s new Game of Thrones and the season finale of the US Shameless.
How’s Vikings? With Shameless, Girls and The Walking Dead coming to and end and True Blood not for another couple months my Sundays are about to be sad and lonely after GoT.
I still need to catch up on House of Lies and Californication so at least I have that to tie me over…
Man, why is Sunday night such a kick ass night for TV! Spread that shit out, my DVR goes effing crazy.

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