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Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead and Shameless?! All in one night you say?

April 1, 2013

Welcome to my favorite night of television!

Even through my disappointment at the lack of action in The Walking Dead season finale I would still have to say that last night, without a doubt, goes down as the best night of television for 2013 so far.

So. I began with my true love, Game of Thrones, at nine.
I was not disappointed. (No big spoilers here).
At first I was a little salty about the lack of Arya, but then I realized that I’ve just become used to watching episodes back to back on my boxsets, not one at a time, and that it’s typical that they only tap into details about a few groups each episode. Which is just fine by me, that means next week we’ll have some quality time with the younger Starks, Tonks…er…Osha, and hopefully a shirtless Joe Dempsie, I mean Gendry, I mean, what? Nothing.

My favorite part, absolutely, (small spoiler) was the return of Ser Barristan Selmy. This should not have been such a surpise to me, because I was hoping to have already read through A Storm of Swords. But after much thought, I came to see that as amazing as those books are, a big part of me also really loves this as television show and fears ruining it, both by knowing all too much, and then having the endless need to compare every detail of the show to the ASOIAF series.
You know how it goes once you’ve read the books, it is just never going to be quite as good. So, I think I’m just going to read through book three as slooooowwwwly as I can possibly bare.

Anyways, love that man, love him pledging his new, or I suppose former, allegiance to House Targaryen and joining Dany’s Queensguard. This is not something I had even thought about happening when he was dismissed by the little bastard king, I was just like,

Hey, where did that guy go, he was really nice.

I’m guessing a lot of tv-only fans may have thought nothing really happened in the episode, but there was a lot of set up for some stuff that I know is going to occur and just don’t want to spoil for you yet.
How do I know these things if I haven’t finished all the books so far, you say? Oh, because my friends have made sure to let me know just enough details about A Storm of Swords to make my tummy churn at the thought of what we’re about to see this season.
All I will say is, keep your guard up!

Okay. So. Was totally happy about GoT.
Gave myself a ten minute intermission and it was time for The Walking Dead.
I don’t think I blinked for the entire 45 minutes (only 45 because DVR, what up no commercials).
But after those 45 minutes were up, I was so mad at myself for having built up so much anticipation with this episode.
I’ll admit, (total spoilers ahead) I am very happy that pretty much no one died except those whom most of us had kind of seen coming, or characters who had pretty much run their course.
Now, for those of you who don’t already know, these were my previous predictions for the final two episodes…

At least two people from Tyrese’s group would die, preferably that rude father and son duo, and whoever was left would join Rick at the prision.
Possibly Herschel would die, there were some vibes I got a few episodes back, but then in the later episodes they hardly ever showed him, so I started second guessing that and thinking maybe that blonde girl would die instead. I just thought something bad was going to happen that effected him (I am so glad it didn’t).
I knew Merle was going to die. The last half of this season I’ve known Merle was going to die. And I figured he’d either go out saving Daryl or doing something totally redeeming himself in the eyes of the group, which I think he did. And I think they know what he did for them even if it wasn’t specifically brought up or spelled out.
I thought Morgan would come back and help. I figured he would probably die, but it would be in a way like T-Dog, where he is sacrificing himself for others. And he’d be okay with it, because he pretty much hates living.
And I figured Andrea or Milton would die, not both. Did not at all see both coming. I was really thinking Andrea would die for the group or something and then Milton would help Rick and the gang and start living with them next season.
I did, without a doubt, think the Gov’na and his lackies were going to die.

So. Obviously some of these things did not happen the way I thought, or at all. But hey, I was right about some stuff and I’ll take it.
I also will say with the open-ended way the season came to a finish, there is still time for a lot of this to happen.
I mean, that ending, what the hell was that, where did the Gov’na even go with those dudes. And why didn’t either of those dudes shoot his ass?
Uh, this just in: when a crazy person goes on a shooting spree where a bunch of innocent people are getting murdered by one gunmen, but you all also have guns, time to use those other guns!
Even the lackeys, although rather tasteless guys, are not the cold-blooded murderers that ole Philip turned out to be.
I definitely could see us having a season premiere from hell where instead of us simply checking in on Team Rickaryl…Raryl…Dick! Instead of catching up with Team Dick, we’ll be seeing some more blood shed. I’m guessing that they left us kinda hangin so we’d have one hell of a season to come back to.

And how about Norman Reedus on Talking Dead? Rawr. Made sure to watch that.

And finally, I closed my totally awesome, best Sunday of TV ever, with the second to last episode of the US Shameless‘s third season.
I cannot wait to see what’s going to happen in the finale, because this week was all about the setups (spoilers ahead).
So. We have Mickey and Ian, young, dumb, and full of cum. Oh, and also madly in love with one another. Fuck yeah. I am all about that.
But Mickey admits he can’t just be who he wants to be and tell everyone how he feels all the time. So. Obviously the answer is to marry the prostitute you were forced into having sex with, unprotected.
Lip needs to get his ass away from Mandy before she boils his rabbit, or you know, runs over someone else he loves.
And as much as I was glad for Fiona getting out there and being with a dude who, you know, isn’t a cheating, lying scumbag, the fact that she doesn’t actually know Steve is cheating makes the whole thing kinda semi-sweet.

So, yay, Fiona finally showed him, oh wait, she doesn’t even know he’s such a scumbag yet. She’s just doing this anyways…yeah…great.

Whatever. With Jimmy’s disappearance (which I am so sure is not going to be anything that serious) and everything going on with the Gallaghers, next week’s episode could not come fast enough! And let’s not even forget about V, Kev and their crazy-ass baby-mama.
I do not think the finale will disappoint. Shameless rarely does.

And with that, I must thank the old gods for blessing us with this fucking totally rockin’ Easter Sunday with a bunch of totally kick ass shows that rarely, if ever, fall all on the same day.

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