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Haters gonna hate.

March 31, 2013

What a week for marriage equality am I right?
Well. Sort of, maybe, kinda.
I’m not going to get all into it, I mean, if you care about this topic you probably already got the general idea of what was going on this week.
If I was writing about how I feel about the unconstitutionality of DOMA and the need to recognize same-sex marriage federally I would get into it, but it’s not.

This is actually about the number of supporters who got all snotty to their fellow allies.
Let me explain. Now, you may have noticed a number of people, I believe millions as it turned out, changed their profile pictures on Facebook to different variations of basically the same symbol all meaning one thing; equality and support for same-sex marriage.
Some people who did this were homosexuals, transgenders, bisexuals, allies, whatever, it doesn’t matter; they were all human beings who were coming together on this one common ground, myself included.

Why hate on that?
Some people posted jokes, ‘oh haha, do you think that enough people changed their profile picture before the Supreme Court makes their decision?’
But others were almost annoyed, I actually heard a dripping with sarcasm reply of, ‘uh, yeah, thanks for the support on being a gay man.’
Nobody is worried about you, bro. I mean, yeah, I guess I’ll support you on that too, but I didn’t change my profile picture in support of you kickin’ it with dudes, I did it to show that I stand for something in a world with no conviction, where everyone stands for so little.
I know it doesn’t mean much of anything, I know it doesn’t count as a vote, but it’s telling every person on my friends list that this is who I am, this is what I believe, and this is what I stand for, and if you don’t like it that you can fuck right the hell off.

This is not about you. This is about everyone. Every single human being, deserving the same rights as every other human being. It just so happens to be about same-sex marriage this time.
People are dying, let me clarify, being put to death, in other countries because of who they choose to spend their lives with and who they choose to love.
This is the civil rights movement of our generation.
Do you think those before you teased or turned their noses up at those who helped with the Underground Railroad and the abolishment of slavery?
For the right for all humans to be allowed to go to the same schools and receive the same education as one another?
Why spend so much of your life fighting to be accepted for who you are only to reject the support from others when it’s there.
Whatever. At the end of the day I’m supporting human rights, of all ethnicities, genders, sexual preferences, this, that and the other.
It just really sucks that even the people who are fighting for the same things can’t stick together and instead choose to act like just as much of jackasses as those against us.

And sometimes it’s just plain nice to see something on Facebook other than a bunch of pictures of babies, animals and grumpy cat memes.
At the very least you should support that.

  1. Well, let me just say that just because you think it is best for a child to have a mother and father and if you think marriage is between a man and a woman, it doesn’t mean you are a hater. It is nothing against gays. Does that mean that people for the past one thousand years were haters and bigots?

    • I don’t think you’re seeing at all what I am getting at with this post. As soon as you see marriage equality you assume you’ve got the entire thing figured out. But what I was speaking about was the way supporters were ‘hating’ on fellow supporters. I at no point was referring to anyone else. I never went into the specifics on even how I feel on the matter other than to state that I, in fact, am a supporter. I also specifically pointed out that I by no means was intending to open this can of worms on what is a very controversial topic right now for this exact reason. What you think about gay marriage is your business, I don’t get on the internet to fight people about politics. If you had read through this article you would have seen that it was about my disappointment on the way allies were treating other allies. And you are no ally.

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