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So. Girls season two was neat…

March 29, 2013

Finally got around to watching the season finale of Girls. I know, late on the bandwagon. But uh, yeah. That happened. That whole season was…some stuff. Last year I used to sit down and get excited to watch, maybe with some friends, or just my boyfriend. We’d laugh, we’d cry (not my boyfriend, he’d pretty much just sit there and tolerate it), we’d feel really awkward at times; it was great. Now, after I watch an episode of it with said boyfriend I kind of look over at him slowly and apologize because I’m sure that was just terrible for him, and quite frankly, I’m rather uncomfortable.

Let me just start off by saying that I love that there’s a (relatively) new, popular, edgy drama about women made by a woman. Women get hardly any screen time. I’m not trying to be all girl power in your face here, it’s just the facts.
Awesome, yay Lena Dunham, lady voice of our generation or whatever.
Problem is, all the women depicted are spoiled, bratty, cheating on their boyfriends, and basically being everything wrong with societies idea of women.

Season one was so empowering and fun and even though I kinda hated those bitches from the start, I wanted to know what would happen to them next. They had ups and downs, fights and break ups, make ups, drama, laughs; life. Stuff was happening. Then came season two. Where I felt empty and uncomfortable after every episode. Even Sosh wasn’t a pick me up!

Now, let’s get back to that whole thing I kind of blew over about hating those broads from basically episode one. What’s up with that? I know it’s not just me, that’s pretty much been the consensus. It’s not just in this show, it’s becoming a pretty common thing. Nobody cares about character’s anymore, they get killed or written off endlessly and seemingly without warning. Like, when did that become so regular and almost necessary to the development of a show. I don’t remember growing up and feeling that way about shows I watched. Could you imagine if Friends had killed off Rachel? I don’t think that show would have lasted till the end of the season. Now actors get fired or better job offers and peace out at the drop of a hat. Killed off in some horrific accident, can’t you ever just like, have them ‘transfer’ somewhere else. Do you always have to kill them (Yeah, I’m talking to you Grey’s Anatomy). Anyways, what I’m getting at here is that any one of these bitches could die and I’d be like, ‘hmm, wonder what next week’s episode is going to be about if we aren’t watching Hannah count to eight.’ But if they killed off Adam? Charlie? Boycott.

All the guys are great. Okay, not totally great. Adam is great for what he is. He wants to cum on your tits and call you a whore in the bedroom. That is who he is. Having accepted that, Hannah knew what she was in for.
So yeah. Inside the bedroom, you’re a dirty little school girl and he is sending you home to your parents covered in…you get the point. But OUTSIDE the bedroom he is just as sweet as cherry pie (for a borderline whatever the fuck he is). Now. I don’t know what goes on in your bedroom, but other than the pedophilia, what was it that he was doing that like, 85% of women, and some men, in America didn’t want Christian Grey to do to them over the past year. So. I accept even that weirdness. Whatever.

Then we have Charlie. Charlie is this great guy who, yeah, okay, that scene in season one when he’s like, ‘I want to cum when you cum,’ was a bit much for me, but hey, some girls are maybe into that sort of…creepy doting attention.
But ultimately, it’s nothing a couple of conversations couldn’t have fixed.
‘Hey, Charlie, it’s fucking weird the way you tremble and look at me, anticipating my climax.’
‘Hey, Charlie, back the fuck up.’
See Charlie chill. See Charlie give space. See Charlie be a great boyfriend.

And Ray. Well, Ray is just Ray. Very simply, very truly.
Negative, pessimistic, funny, but almost in a crude way, Ray.
He was never secretive about who he was. Shosh fell for him and realized that he was pretty much going nowhere with his life. What was her reaction?
Okay, love you! Wanna make your sneaky move-in official?!
So, if she didn’t think she could handle being with a guy with no real goals, this, before the I love yous and the uhal, is the time to cut and run. But instead she ‘accepts’ Ray yet continues to find reasons to look down on him and when he works to get his shit together she ultimately still doesn’t even care.

What is this saying about women? She accepted this man for everything he was. Then proceeded to bitch and bitch to change him. And he does, he does it for her. Because he loves her. And yeah, he should have done it for himself, blah blah, blah, but like, there is a half an hour in the show and it’s called ‘Girls,’ we don’t have time for all that talk about the boys. But ultimately, just as Marnie had done to Charlie in season one, Hannah did to Adam, and Jessup to pretty much everyone, the one redeeming character hops on the bandwagon of being a stone cold bitch and turns down everything she had made him believe she wanted.

So. Again, yay. We have this super empowering show for women my age where it shows broads running around town confusing guys, sleeping with older men and crying in their beds and giving up or ignoring our careers Oh. Career. Funny you meantion that. What happens with Hannah’s ebook?
You just thought you could make a happy ending with Dunham wearing a bad haircut and making out with literally one of the hottest creeps I’ve never met, second only to Michael C. Hall, and we’d all forget that Hannah has plans. You just leaving that for next season? Cliffhanger that no one but me seems to care about!
Leave it to us women to put the menz first and figure the rest out later. Hey, I’m not saying I haven’t been guilty of that a time or ten. But it doesn’t mean I want my girl power show to be doing the same thing, who or what the fuck am I supposed to learn from, my life experiences?

I get it, a point was trying to be made. The girls lives were going in this positive direction so quickly and easily that we couldn’t wrap things up so neat and tidy, shit, it’s only season one. But there was too much downfall. That quirky light-heartedness was lost by the time Hannah came down from her ‘crazy’ one day cocainapolloza and Eli moved out (because, surprise, the actor received a better offer with The New Normal). Moral of the story is, what fun is sitting down Sunday night and being like, ‘Do I watch Walking Dead first, do I watch Shameless, or do I watch Girls?’ And you pick Girls and you’re screaming at the television, ‘Marnie, no. Do NOT sing that Kanye song right here in front of all these people, what the fuck are you doing.’ And then like, you kind of want to curl in a ball at the end of the episode.

That being said, I’ll still catch you around season three. And please, try to have Adam lacking his shirt as much as Hannah is always lacking pants.

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